Our Commitment To Quality

Since our inception in 1994, Uncle Wally’s has proven to be a business built on quality throughout the organization. Our commitment to providing safe, quality products to our customers, while always working in continuous improvement mode, has enabled us to grow from 5 employees to 150 employees today and counting. Our current status as an AIB Superior Rated Food Safety Plant, along with our SQF Level 3 Certification sets the stage for our quality system goals.

We have established a food safety/quality development team that is responsible for setting policy, training staff and maintaining/monitoring results. Our employees are involved in all aspects of our quality program, including: the development of new products, the use of qualified suppliers, the shipment of recallable finished goods, and all processes in between. Lastly, we are most proud of our people and their ability to understand and grow with each new quality initiative introduced. commitment is the main contributor to our success.

Frank Sivilli
Director of Operations
SQF Coordinator