Woman Eating StrawberryDo you ever eat something mindlessly – a cheeseburger gulped down on the road, a bag of chips gobbled during a TV show – and can barely remember how it tasted?

     The practice of mindful eating aims for the opposite effect – getting you to slow down, really taste and enjoy each bite of food, and to read your body’s hunger signals. Health experts say mindful eating can help develop healthier eating habits and may also promote weight loss: You’re likely to feel more satisfied if you are focusing on the food being eaten, leading you to eat less.

    Here are a few easy tips for mindful eating, from the National Institutes of Health:

  1. Turn off the devices – phone, TV, computer and any other distractions.
  2. Sit down at a table so you can fully focus on what you are eating.
  3. Keep appropriate serving sizes in mind, and consider starting with a smaller portion than usual.
  4. Keep serving dishes off the dinner table; you will have to make a conscious choice to go back for more.
  5. Eat slowly, exploring each bite with five senses – how it looks, tastes, smells, feels in your mouth, and even how it sounds as you chew.
  6. Take a moment to appreciate that you are nourishing your body.
  7. Do a hunger check: are you truly hungry, or eating for another reason?

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