revised chocolate photoOur new Smart Portion Muffin Tops have it all: amazing taste, live probiotics, all-natural ingredients, fiber, vitamin D, calcium, and – as if that isn’t enough – we also bake in flaxseed to provide healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

Why should we want more Omega-3s in our diet? Here’s what the latest studies are showing about the health benefits of flaxseed’s Omega-3s, as well its beneficial plant phytonutrients and fiber:

Cholesterol. Flaxseed’s Omega 3-fiber combination may reduce cholesterol levels, including LDL “Bad” cholesterol.

Heart Disease. The fiber and Omega-3s in flaxseed may fend off the build-up of unhealthy deposits on artery walls that lead to heart disease. Studies also have linked flaxseed’s phytonutrients, called lignans, with lower levels of heart disease and cholesterol.

Digestive Health. Fiber can improve digestive health by relieving constipation.

Inflammation. The phytonutrients in flaxseed are antioxidants that may reduce inflammation in the body, boosting the immune system.


SOURCE: Mayo Clinic; WebMd; Flax Council of Canada


Uncle Wally’s delicious new Smart Portion Muffin Tops are filled with beneficial probiotics to help support your immune and digestive systems, and provide heart-healthy Omega 3s, vitamin D, calcium and fiber. They are all-natural, low fat and made with wholesome ingredients like flax seeds, yogurt, egg whites and real fruit. Flavors include Wild Blueberry, Cranberry Apple and Rich Double Chocolate.