Can a muffin be fortified, fun and fabulous tasting?

Yes, yes and yes!

If we sound excited, it’s because Uncle Wally’s new Fun Muffins may be the tastiest way on the planet to sneak in a good source of calcium and vitamin D (that’s the fortified part), they come in two delicious flavors for your mouth to have fun with (Chocolaty Chip and Blueberry Blast to start, with several more flavors to follow) and, well, they taste really, really fabulous.

Individually wrapped Fun Muffins come eight to a box, and are perfectly portion-controlled and oh-so-portable – a neat little snack to toss in backpacks, pocketbooks or lunch boxes, or to just grab on the way out the door. No cutting, counting or packaging to mess up a perfectly fun day.

And did we mention they are naturally flavored and contain no artificial colors?

Uncle Wally’s has just introduced Fun Muffins in select Walgreen’s stores, and they’ll be available in Uncle Wally’s new online store when it opens later this month.

We weren’t going to tell, but future Fun Muffin flavors will include cookies & cream, banana-chocolate chip, orange cream and rainbow. Did someone just say “Fun”?