FanLooking for ways to beat the summer heat before it beats you?

     Here are some tips for staying healthy and cool during the dog days of summer:

  • Turn on a Fan. Fans cool you off by helping sweat evaporate. Bonus: You can keep air conditioning at a lower power setting.
  • Close the Curtains. This can block a significant amount of heat from getting
    in your house during the daytime.
  • Hang Loose. Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing lets air flow over your skin, so sweat can evaporate and cool you down. Outdoors, light colors help reflect heat away from you.
  • Cool Your Collar. Keep a wet washcloth in the refrigerator and put it on your
    neck whenever you feel hot.
  • Drink up. Your body can become dangerously dehydrated when you lose too much water through sweat, so it’s important to drink water and other fluids throughout the day.
  • Spray Yourself. A refreshing spritz of ice water from a spray bottle feels great and cools you down as it evaporates from your skin.
  • Hit the Shower. If you can’t take a swim, a cool shower or bath is a great way to bring down your body temperature.
  • Nix Hot Appliances. To keep the house cooler, turn off your dishwasher’s heat-drying cycle and avoid using your oven (stove, microwave and outdoor grill are better options). Also, turn off incandescent lights, which generate heat.
  • Catch a Movie. Early afternoon matinees are discounted, and the air-conditioned theater is a great place to cool down.  Ditto for shopping malls, libraries, bowling alleys and skating rinks.
  • Sweet (not Sweaty) Dreams. Fill a hot water bottle with ice water before bedtime. Put it on your ankles, feet or behind your knees to cool you down for sleep.


SOURCE: Ready New York: Beat the Heat Guide; U.S. Centers for Disease Control

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