If your hectic morning routine leaves no time for a meal, you need a healthy breakfast-on-the-go.

     A good breakfast keeps you more alert all morning, and studies show it may keep you from overeating throughout the day. So why not try some of these quick ideas?

  • Pack a carton of yogurt and a baggie of nuts or granola to mix in.
  • Toss an individually wrapped Uncle Wally’s muffin and a banana (also individually wrapped!) into your bag and take along your favorite coffee or latte.
  • Grab some low-fat string cheese, whole-wheat crackers and an apple.
  • Blend frozen fruits like berries or mango into milk or yogurt and pour the smoothie into your favorite to-go mug.
  • Make your own trail mix. Try combining your favorite whole-grain cereal with some nuts, dried fruit and maybe even a few chocolate chips.
  • Fill a Fiber One Wrap with anything you like: scrambled egg and microwavable sausage, tomato and cheese, peanut butter and fruit slices – whatever’s on hand. 

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