The New Year often means a healthy resolution – and weight loss is one of the most popular, polls say.

      We’ve found that our Uncle Wally’s Fat Free Muffins are a delicious way to cut calories and lose weight without feeling deprived (and we all know that deprivation is a sure way to drive us off our weight-loss plans).

       Uncle Wally’s Fat Free Muffins have a delicious, satisfying flavor that can indulge every taste – Apple Cinnamon Delight, Wild Blueberry Bliss, Chocolate Passion, Cranberry Orange Supreme, Honey Raisin Bran, Golden Waves of Corn and No Nut Banana).

     The fact is, fat is the most calorie-dense of all the nutrients, with more than 9 calories per gram – more than twice as many calories as a gram of carbohydrate or protein. This is one reason we gain weight during the holidays – eating many of the fatty appetizers, main dishes and desserts the season has to offer.

     Eating a lower-fat, lower-calorie diet full of lean protein and grains, fruits, vegetables and some healthy fats is a great way to drop those holiday pounds.
Our Uncle Wally’s family wishes you and your family a happy, healthy new year!