Halloween is exciting for kids. Who doesn’t like to dress up and get free candy? But their own health and safety is probably the last thing on your trick-or-treaters’ minds.

     Here are some Halloween safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics that will help keep kids safe while they’re having fun:

  • Make sure costumes are bright, reflective and short enough to prevent tripping.
  • Use non-toxic makeup, rather than masks, which can block kids’ eyesight.
  • Swords, canes or sticks should not be too sharp or too long, to prevent tripping injuries.
  • A parent should always accompany young children on their trick-or-treating rounds.
  • Each child and adult should have a flashlight with fresh batteries.
  • If older children are trick-or-treating without an adult, they should review a route with parents and agree on a time to return home.
  • Older children should carry a cell phone and know how to dial 9-1-1 for help.
  • Only go to homes with a porch light on, and never enter a home or car for a treat.
  • Stay in a group, remain on well-lit streets and always use a sidewalk. If no sidewalk is available, walk on the far edge of the road facing traffic.
  • Cross streets as a group in crosswalks, never between parked cars or out of driveways.
  • Don’t assume cars will stop for trick-or-treaters – just because one stops, doesn’t mean others will.
  • Sort through kids’ treats at home, throwing away all items that are spoiled, unwrapped or questionable.

     The AAP also suggests a wholesome snack or meal before trick-or-treating, to keep kids from filling up on Halloween candy. Try one of Uncle Wally’s snack-sized muffins along with some sliced fruit and a glass of milk before setting out.

     Happy Halloween from all of us here at Uncle Wally’s!