Don’t wait until New Year’s to make a healthy resolution.

     There are things you can do right now – yes, during the holidays – to control your weight and stay fit.

     In this spirit, we’ve collected our top 10 favorite, simple ideas to help you stay in shape during the holidays and get a head start on your 2012 fitness goals:

     Schedule workouts. Write in at least 3 days of exercise per week on your calendar. During this busy time of year, you need to make a date with yourself. 

     Drink lots of water. It fills you up so you don’t overeat. Also, some people eat more when they are dehydrated, thinking they are hungry.

     Clean house. Embrace housework as a way to burn extra calories and work your muscles. Crank up the music and step up the pace while you vacuum, dust and mop.

     Eat regularly. Skipping meals – especially breakfast – leaves you vulnerable to all the holiday treats that seem to pop up. A light meal before a party can give you more control at the buffet.
     Brush your teeth after a meal. A minty taste in your mouth will make goodies seem less appealing.

     Pick and choose. Pick healthier foods most of the time – veggies, salads with light dressings, lean meats, etc. Then you can choose to splurge occasionally on something special like sausage stuffing, pecan pie or egg nog. Indulging once in a while can keep you from bingeing later.

    Make exercise social. Take a walk with family and friends after dinner. Play Wii sports. Dance together in the living room. Get outside for some football. It’s fun and healthy for everyone.

     Drink moderately. Alcohol contains a load of calories and can also lower our resistance to high-calorie foods. A good tip: mix drinks with lots of seltzer or diet soda.

     Celebrate a holi-day, not a holi-month. Change your thinking: the season isn’t an eating free-for-all, but a few special celebrations. On most days, stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan.

     Be merry. Fill your heart with the joy of the season and gratitude for your family, friends and yourself. Indulge a little, but give yourself the gift of being healthy and fit.


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