You may be about to take off on a summer trip, but it doesn’t have to be a vacation from healthy eating.

With just a little planning, you can pack wholesome, easy-to-eat snacks that won’t leave you at the mercy of highway rest stops or your airline’s food service.

The fact is, when you eat healthier, you feel healthier and more energetic – which is how you want to feel on your holiday.

Here are some wholesome, portable travel snacks that you can easily take along:

  • Healthy Muffin Tops. Uncle Wally’s delicious new Smart Portion Muffin Tops are super-nutritious and portable. They’re individually wrapped, low fat and filled with fiber, Omega 3s, calcium, vitamin D and probiotics – important for keeping your immune and digestive systems healthy when you travel. Uncle Wally’s Snack Muffins and Fun Muffins are also individually wrapped and are a great portion-controlled snack for when you want just a little something sweet.
  • Unsalted nuts. Give you the staying power of protein and fiber, without that salty, bloated feeling. Mixed nuts with dried fruit, a.k.a. trail mix, is also a good choice.
  • Bottled water. Whether in a hot car or a dry airplane, staying hydrated keeps you feeling your best.
  • Fruit. Apples, pears, plums and other fruits come in their own edible packages! They have lots of vitamins, fiber and staying power.
  • Low-Fat String Cheese.  Packed with protein and calcium, they come individually wrapped, making them easy to hand out and eat neatly!
  • Cut-Up Veggies. Can be stored in single-serving baggies to provide fiber, vitamins and a little crunch when the munchies strike.

If you are traveling this summer, have a wonderful, safe trip – we’ll see you when you get back!


Uncle Wally’s new Smart Portion Muffin Tops come in delicious Wild Blueberry, Cranberry Apple and Rich Double Chocolate flavors. They are available this month at King Kullen stores in New York, with more retailers soon to follow. Uncle Wally’s Snack Muffins and Fun Muffins are widely available.