I know everyone is anticipating those dreaded holiday calories. So, it’s Uncle Wally to the rescue!
     I have the perfect solution. Get a head start on the inevitable holiday overeating by employing some delicious but healthful approaches now. Don’t wait until January when the damage has been done and there’s a bunch of weight to shed. Make a little room right now for the completely predictable holiday excesses.
     Along the way, you may end up building some better eating habits that will serve you well, no matter the time of year.
     We’ve talked in this space quite a bit recently about portion control, and what we are doing at Uncle Wally’s to provide you with a variety of muffin options that can satisfy a craving without challenging your belt size.
     We have fat free, sugar free, no-sugar-added and high fiber muffins in various sizes. And there are our really entertaining ice cream-themed Mini muffins, currently available in Orange Cream, Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Shortcake and Banana Split flavors, Rich & Moist Mini muffins in a variety of flavors, and the pretty-much-irresistible Original Cotton Candy mini muffin. None of these little pleasures will tip the scales, unless, of course, you forget they are meant to be treats, not a meal!
     So start today by employing some moderation and you’ll have a little room for the parties and feasts to come.
     And remember, if my name is on the product, it’s guaranteed to taste good. So relax and have a great holiday season. Your favorite Uncle’s watching your back. And your waistline!

Posted by Wally Amos