We know you’re crazy about Uncle Wally’s Muffins just as they are, but our muffins are so versatile you’ll also love transforming them into amazing holiday desserts.

Here’s a rundown of our most popular dessert recipes to brighten up your holiday party or dessert table:

Apple Cinnamon Bread PuddingBREAD PUDDING

Two recipes in one: Uncle Wally’s Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding can be the centerpiece of your dessert table or the star of your holiday brunch. Either way, simply delicious.

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Truffles-016Triple Chocolate Truffles

These elegant little desserts are perfect for holiday parties at home or the office, for dessert buffets and even as a pretty gift.

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Chocolate Tiramisutiramisu-RW

This sumptuous, simple recipe starts with Uncle Wally’s Fat Free Gourmet Muffins. Who would ever guess?

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Mini-Muffin-Ice-Cream-Cakes-1024x644Mini Muffin Ice Cream Cakes

These little cuties are one of the most delicious, festive and – let’s face it – just plain adorable dessert on your holiday table.

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Chocolate Trifle

dessertIt’s a good thing this decadent-tasting recipe is so easy – you will be asked to make it again!

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Wally PopsWallys-Pops

Chocolate-dipped “Wally Pops” are simple and fun to make – just dress them up in holiday-colored sprinkles (in this picture, Wally Pops were decked out for a spring celebration) and they’re party-ready!         Get the recipe.