new-group-shotIf you wanted to describe the flavor of a carefree summer day, would it be the creamy coolness of a lick of ice cream, or the homespun sweetness of cotton candy dissolving on your

Uncle Wally’s has baked these classic flavors into our Ice Cream and Cotton Candy Mini Muffins: One bite and you’re transported to a time when school is out, feet are bare, and you (and the sun) both take your time getting to bed.

Ice Cream Mini Muffins and the Original Cotton Candy Mini Muffins come in clear plastic tubs that are as easy to take along to the beach, park or pool as they are to put out at your backyard barbecue – without any melting or sticky surprises. And because these are mini muffins, you can have just a little taste of the season or more, as the mood strikes.

We have four different ways to enjoy the best flavors of summer:

Orange Cream Ice Cream Mini Muffins. The flavor of fresh oranges with a dollop of cream – just like the Creamsicles you loved as a kid.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Mini Muffins. This summertime classic will remind you of the frozen bars you couldn’t wait to buy from the ice cream man. The only thing missing is the stick!

Banana Split Ice Cream Mini Muffins. The perfect fusion of all the flavors you loved in your first banana split ice cream sundae.

The Original Cotton Candy Mini Muffins. This carnival favorite keeps the sweet taste of summer going – all year round.

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