Ever find yourself searching your pantry for just a little something?

     How about a Chocolate Chip Rich & Moist Mini Muffin with buttery streusel topping?

     Could an Orange Cream Ice Cream Mini Muffin be what you’re looking for?

     Would a Cotton Candy Mini Muffin make you say “Mmmm”?

     Uncle Wally’s amazing new Mini Muffins come in a wide variety of flavors, and in just the right size, for you to indulge that craving without going overboard.

     Our mouthwatering Rich & Moist Mini Muffins include Blueberry Streusel, Banana Nut Streusel, Chocolate Chip Streusel, Lemon Poppy Streusel and Cinnamon Bun Streusel. Our Rich & Moist Mini Corn Muffin is a snack that also goes great with meals.

     Our crazy-delicious Ice Cream Mini Muffins include Banana Split, Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Orange Cream and Strawberry Shortcake. And who could ever forget our new Original Cotton Candy Mini Muffin?

     Uncle Wally’s Mini Muffins pack a flavorful punch in a portion-controlled package. And they’re not just for snacking: Mini Muffins are just as at home on a breakfast plate, dessert platter, a brunch spread, or in a lunch box (can’t you picture kids flipping over these new flavors?).

    Try all our new Mini Muffins flavors. They could just be that “little something” you’ve been searching for!

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