Is your waist band feeling a little snug after Thanksgiving? Nervous about more holiday eating in December?

Don’t sweat the holidays! Uncle Wally’s has created delicious new Smart Portion Muffin Tops to keep you satisfied – every day – and help you maintain a healthy, low-fat, calorie-controlled lifestyle.

The occasional holiday overindulgence is practically inevitable. It’s how you eat every other day of the year that makes the biggest difference in what you see on the scale, in how your clothes fit, and in your overall health.

The variety of all-natural Smart Portion Muffin Tops – Wild Blueberry, Rich Double Chocolate and Cranberry Apple – keep you happy on your diet plan ; the live probiotics, Omega-3s, fiber, vitamin D and calcium we’ve baked in help support your immune and digestive systems and heart health.

Smart Portion Muffin Tops are perfect as part of a meal or snack. We’ve also come up with some great muffin-top breakfast ideas, each under 250 calories.

If you make every day a Smart Portion Muffin Top day, you may never have to worry about that other “muffin top”!


     Uncle Wally’s Smart-Portion Muffin Tops are low fat, all-natural and preservative-free, and made with wholesome ingredients like yogurt, oat bran, flax seeds, soy fiber and egg whites. They are available  retailers such as King Kullen, Shop Rite