MP9004224421-150x150If you’re among the millions of Americans who wait till the last minute to file their tax return, don’t worry – you still have time to get it done.

This year, taxpayers get an automatic extension – till Tuesday, April 17 – to send in their returns (April 15 falls on a Sunday; April 16 is a Washington, D.C. holiday).

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you get your tax return in on time.

Set the Mood. Set up a pleasant work station with plenty of space, such as a clean desk or dining room table. Turn on your favorite music. Put out a nice snack (we find that we can tackle any job if there is a fresh, delicious Uncle Wally’s muffin waiting for us!).  The caffeine in a cup of coffee or tea also can help get you going.

Think Ahead. If you plan to crunch numbers this weekend, take the time to organize your tax documents beforehand and you will be ahead of the game. Set up some organized folders and you’ll thank yourself later.

Check out the Web. The Internal Revenue Service website has downloadable tax forms and the option to both fill out forms and pay electronically.

Ask for help. Call your local library to find out if it offers free tax preparation assistance. Also, you may qualify for free IRS-sponsored programs that help people prepare their tax returns.

Take a Break. A little exercise can do you good during a long work session. Even a walk around the block may help you think more clearly.

Buy Time. If all else fails, you can always request a filing extension from the IRS.

We wish you many happy returns!