Uncle Wally’s always goes the extra mile, but now we’ll literally go thousands of extra miles for our muffin fans.

     Uncle Wally’s Muffin Shoppe, now open online, will deliver cartons of our fresh, delicious muffins straight to your door – anywhere in the country.

     We’ll ship directly to your home or business – or to someone you care about –  to any address in the United States:

       You do the clicking (the easy part), and we do the shipping.

     Our muffins freeze beautifully, so you can buy ahead and not have to worry about eating them all at once (unless you want to).

     Uncle Wally’s Muffin Shoppe has a wide range of our delicious and wholesome muffins available, from our super-popular Smart Portions, sugar-free, and fat-free muffins to our luscious Rich & Moist twin packs, and our irresistible new ice-cream flavored and cotton-candy Mini Muffins. Many, like our new Fun Muffins, are individually wrapped and perfect for lunch boxes.

     You can find Uncle Wally’s Muffin Shoppe at http://www.unclewallysonline.com/.

     It’s official: There are no lengths Uncle Wally’s won’t go to for our muffin fans!